We had recently been selected by QUALCOMM as one of the prize winners in the Design Challenge 2018. During the next 9 to 10 months we would be closely working with Qualcomm engineering team. The first step is the Meet and greet event at the MEITY (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology). SHELLIOS along with the other prize winners were welcomed for a round table discussion whereby all startups spoke about their work and the MEITY Secretary Mr. Ajay Sawhney was the main audience. He was really thrilled to hear the problem that SHELLIOS was solving. During his address he specifically called out SHELLIOS for the great work that we are doing in solving pollution exposure problem for two wheeler riders of India.

Following Mr. Sawhneys address, the first order of business was to hand out the handsome grand prizes to the Top 3 winners of QDIC 2017. This was followed by the distribution of the certificates and the cheques for the prize money to the QDIC 2018 shortlisted Top 15 startups. Later, we joined the entire MEITY, QDIC and QUALCOMM India group for a group photograph. Representing SHELLIOS during this occasion were Mr. Amit Pathak (Founder & CEO) & Mr. Vinay Chaddha (Advisor & CTO)

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