After almost 10 months of hardwork, engineering discussions we were close to the Demo day of Qualcomm Design in India Challenge. Anurag and Amit took off for Bangalore well prepared with all the demos so painstakingly put together by our Tech Team.

We were accommodated in the save hotel as the event next day. Made planning really easy especially as we were carrying around so many physical devices.

Dedicated Kiosks were put in place and Qualcomm had planned the day to the minutest of details. (It had already become a habit working with Pushkar!)

The first task were Jury pitches. Jury comprises people from Qualcomm India, Qualcomm Ventures, and various other associates and investment fraternity members. We were asked some incisive questions by the jury members.

After the presentation, the Jury members walked all the way to individual stalls and spend time with our demos and showcase of what had been built and what was the roadmap ahead.

Following this we were informed that we were a part of the final 5 startups! We went in for the investor pitches and were excited for a chance to win the top three prizes which now looked tantalizingly close!

One of judges in the Investor panel rode a Harley Davidson in Bangalore. Had an animated discussion with him. Another judge was already an investor in a company in the similar space and had lot of perspective on smart helmets. It has a very valuable discussion.

In the event the top 3 prize winners were announced. SHELLIOS missed out on the top 3 prizes but we were happy for our friends who had won: Radhika & Bharat from Cradlewise and Siddharth & Ajith from Mobiusworks (WAGR). With bittersweet memories we headed back from Bangalore to Delhi.

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