We were pleasantly surprised to be contacted by a Japanese Media channel in the winter of 2018. NHK World is one of the leading Japanese Media house and we were contacted by a reporter from their South East Asia desk.

We invited them to our office campus and they came with a crew of 4 people. One Translator, One Camera Person, One Reporter, A second reporter. They had been covering the Air Quality issue in Delhi and as a part of their overall coverage they had reached out to few of the startups operating in this space.

The interaction with the NHK World crew was really pleasant as they were really professional and well trained. It was also a great pleasure to see how well organized and planned they were about their work.

Similarly, we were approached by a contingent of 6 young reporters from EU countries including Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium. They had very incisive questions to ask. Also these countries have a strong bicycling sub culture. So many of them were curious to know if we had some solutions in the roadmap for bicycle riders.

Another excellent interaction was with Senior Reporter Ben Van Raaij from De Volkskrant – the leading media house of the Netherlands. We had long discussion about the way how air pollution was not yet an election level issue in India (as we were very close to the 2019 general elections).  

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